Pourquoi ce cliché : Une force de personnalité, une intelligence subtile, le tout arrosée d’une bonne dose de talents bien piquants.

Adeline Calosci, French visual artist, known for her neopop icons that recall the codes of anaesthetised and infantilized society, presents her work, for the first time in Asia, in the exhibition “Consume Me”.This time, the artist explores the theme of the frenetic medicalization that characterizes our consumer societies. An over-medicalization, a bearer of happiness and superpowers, which pushes individuals today to a quest for imaginary, fantasized, alienating and ultimately illusory gratifications.

Adeline Calosci’s work questions in a general way the links between consumption and desire, evoking, throughout her creative universe, the incessant fabric of inaccessible ideals that dominate our daily lives. Her characters (child icons, superheroes,“bishoujou”) are, however, often represented under the sign of fatality or ambivalence: between insouciance and tragedy, between excess drive and deprivation, between naive desire and hyper-sexualisation.

The tragic, present in most of her works, evokes the reverse of the scenery of a world that presents itself as a desirable-fairytale-like, optimistic and idealistic world that is nevertheless carrying constraints, precariousness and finiteness.

In the exhibition“Consume Me”Adeline Calosci echoes the hypermodern era we are going through, characterized by the illusory effect of the happiness industry, the “welfare pill” being the ultimate expression of happiness dependent, paradoxical and potentially tyrannical.

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